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Share Your Life, Share Your Family

IFFEI, previously named Yaffi Fashion, is a family-friendly fashion brand, you can find them on Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, IT, FR, ES, AU. The company mainly focus on matching outfits, not only matching swimsuit for the whole family, boy mom included, but also matching dress and a wide selection of matching family pajamas for holiday and Christmas! IFFEI mainly targets North America and Europe. They have been holding the philosophy that “Share your life & share your family” to make everyday memorable.

The Story:

IFFEI is a matching family sets brand have been founded by Filomena and Ryan, a young couple. At first, Filomena often shares photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Her choice of attire-or rather her husband's for her-has received plaudits, especially family matching outfits. So she has a simple idea to create their own clothing brand, hence IFFEI was born. IFFEI is a professional matching family sets brand, spreading the love and happiness among all the families around the world, and making every family moment unforgettable. 


Don't forget the beginner’s mind and you’ll reach the bright end. If IFFEI is a mother, she must be fashionable. Filled with love in her blood, she is silently dedicated to the whole family.

1. Love is the Origin

From the embryo to the pregnancy, to the birth of a child, all come from love. The delicate skin of children allows mothers to atop softness and comfort of clothes without irritating. IFFEI thinks what moms want, that is, everything is made of pure natural soft fabric. So they can choose IFFEI with confidence.

2. Family is the Core

The healthy growth of kids is inseparable from the warm companionship of their family. The child smiles much more brightly even if parents can play a puzzle with him/her. Taking an unusual path, IFFEI is mainly engaged in family matching clothing. Both parents and children can wear the same design to experience life’s details together.

3. Fashion is the Soul

Unwilling to be mediocre, and pursuing the trend are the principles Yaffi sticks to. Its fashion is reflected in every detail, conveying a refined lifestyle. It is IFFEI's unremitting direction to let children touch fashion from childhood and cultivate them out of mediocrity and moderation.